Westfalia - Club Joker

Setting standards!

You could use the Club Joker every day as your main or second vehicle. The overall length is 5.29 metres, the height 2.80 metres.

Sure, high roof vehicles are never suitable for underground parking, but on the other hand you can stand anywhere in the vehicle, you are protected from all kinds of capricious weather and if you feel like it you can take a shower right in the middle of the city.

The decision to convert a VW was once again a decision we at Westfalia made with our heads as well as with our hearts. Because the very first Westfalia camping bus that ever left our works was a converted Volks-wagen too.

With the new Club Joker we are continuing a tradition that saw models such as the Joker, California Exclusive, Sport Joker and the T1 and T2 models roll of our production lines. And the Club Joker is again a real milestone: the basic vehicle concept will win you over on first viewing. Because of the high roof which accommodates an almost 1.30 metre wide double bed, we have managed to achieve comfortable headroom throughout the entire vehicle. You will find the kitchen, bathroom and storage compartments in the rear area of the vehicle. The well thought-out ground plan layout makes perfect use of the long wheelbase VW T5, creating a feeling of space which once again sets standards in this class.